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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
I got your back LokiD
Like I was saying over the messages there's things in place that could go either way. Some of it depends on Thanos's reception as a character and if people want more of the space stuff. It could be dealt with and done in Avengers 2. Or Thanos becomes a much bigger threat and continues in the movies...

So I keep bringing up the time travel but it's probably a less likely scenario and covering up for me not wanting to reveal plans about Thanos that I'm not allowed to say. Even over private I won't really talk about the gauntlet, and try to get away from that but I'll mention it because it's already been shown at comic con and we all know of its existence. factoring that into everything else would be too much, suffice to say it's time travel that puts the gauntlet in Nebula's hand so this might make that happen in a less deus ex machina way of doing some things by introducing it well before. Thanos could kill a lot of people... and Immortus can't do anything at first because time-travel will be in play--however Immortus lost the ability to travel time. All of his traveling was done between the past, far future, and with Magus/Korvak. It's in play but it's now a mcguffin that could be used against Thanos, but only if he gets the Gauntlet and can cause an untold amount of destruction before this... So I'm kind of saying everything could be building to something massive, and strongly hinting at what I "think" will happen with Thanos. Speculating other parts of much larger puzzle. Why ultron could be seen as the main villain in Avengers 2, or that the masters might even show up before we see anyone except Ultron/vision's network take on Thanos.. although there could still be some connections to whatever is going on with Thanos I wouldn't count too much on Thanos being the major physical threat in Avengers 2. There could be a chance they hold off on Thanos getting directly involved and there might be a chance Ultron will be in Avengers 2 whichever way they go.

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