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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

I'm not going to shoot down your theories, LokiD.....they're "believable" enough in a comic book setting, but I just don't see the film universe getting that intricate and byzantine. After all, this needs to be a movie franchise that little kids can understand, as well as folks with no real background in comics at all. Throwing Kang and time travel into the mix ALWAYS muddles things up, even in the comics; in the MCU, alternate timelines and multiple personae and the like can quickly become unmanageable.

As for Thanos, I really don't see any way at all that Marvel would keep him in the background for the entirety of Phase II and wait at least three more years before paying off the tease from a 2012 movie. People want to know who the hell The Big Purple Guy is, and why he's supposed to be so scary, and what his role in the MCU is going to be. If they spend the next 4-5 movies just cameo-teasing him, general audiences are going to get tired of him and frankly bored with it all.

Thanos will definitely be front and center in Phase II. Starlin has already said specifically that he'll be in GOTG and Avengers 2, and I have no doubt that Thor TDW simply *can't* get around his big-ass purple frame, since he is the direct reason that events have come to a head at the start of the Thor sequel.


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