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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

That's another reason I sometimes get upset (not too much, because everyone has their opinions; but I do hate the meme-language and bandwagoning when discussing a movie) when people completely crap on the movie: First of all, because I think it's a such a great and exciting movie, and thank God I wasn't at all upset of Nolan's conclusion of the trilogy. And second because there's such a great message about heroism and lots of heart in the movie. It makes you feel for the characters, and makes you wish there were more people like Bruce Wayne in our society (and there are, of course, real life heroes in our world, but the scum definitely has a higher percentage). It's really a love letter to Batman's history, and the icon that the character has become. And I add that watching the movie with my 9-year old brother is simply magic, bringing me back to when I would watch Batman with wide eyes. I grew up on Batman, then got into music and girls and teenage stuff, and thanks to Nolan's trilogy got back into appreciating comic books and superheroes as a form of art, pop culture and entertainment. And of course the positivity that such characters can carry with them.
So a big thank you to Nolan and the crew for waking up my inner child again. And I hope to see more and more children fall in love with these characters and their legacy!
Christian Bale is definitely a class act; it's hard for me to see a "lil' man" (meaning a child, just to make it clear) in such conditions, but at the same time it's so great to see them smile nonetheless. And that something like Batman can contribute to make a child smile is such a great thing! So, I wish all the best to the kid, and to (unfortunately) lots of other kids in similar situations!

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