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Default Re: In hindsight what changes would you do

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
I think a two-parter would've been the very best idea, especially with the IMAX run time limit, but Nolan insisted on only three films as the core beginning, middle and end theme, which, I'm totally fine with, but anyone can imagine just how truly epic, amazing and awesome The Dark Knight Rises would've been as two parts. They would've been hailed the best CBMs of all time, imo, as a two-parter and show how Nolan indeed made a better product than The Dark Knight.
Same, it was such a missed opportunity to not do a two-parter. We could have seen Bruce as he was affected immediately after The Dark Knight, with all the hunting and condemning he was promised, how it slowly takes his toll on him to the point where he can't be the only thing he lives for, and the emergence of his philanthropic side. It could have had more screentime devoted to every character, making all of their arcs have more meaning, espeically for characters like Foley, Talia and Robin.

However, the fact that we know Nolan- who made the best single cinematic Batman story ever- made mistakes, gives me hope someone else can do it better.

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