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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Oh, to be clear. I see plenty of lurkers reading this thread. members and quite a few non members. it's just more maybe they don't have a thought to share, or time to share it, or are not members... none of those things are our fault for the way we post. What I meant earlier is it doesn't seem like the Thor forums here have that many people in them posting in general, slightly more in the other movie forums, maybe, but not much more, and some of that may be due to the fact that the movie is still quite a ways away.

Elizah had suggested putting the bulk of the post in spoiler tags with summary statements outside the tags. I had the same idea overnight. It would be like reading the headlines on a news website. Someone could get a very brief idea of what the poster is thinking. If they think, "Oh yeah, that makes sense," then they can move on. If they think, "Wait--what??", then they can open the spoiler button to see why the poster thinks that way.
we can try that, yes, it'll at least look less intimidating and appear more to the point, and yet we are still free to ramble on about details more under it, so don't have to censor ourselves that way.

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