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Default Re: Bryan Singer Directing X-Men: Days of Future Past - Part 2

Originally Posted by jaymes_e06 View Post
Yep I remember that and Storm deserved to be the Black Widow of the X-Men but was totally mishandled by writers I truely believe though if she waited a bit Bryan would have got the character a bit more and given her just what she asked for.
Completely agree with you! Storm should have been the badass that Black Widow is in Avengers. She does take much screentime but when she's on screen she shines.

Maybe Bryan might have eventually worked on developing Storm but I think the problem was that Halle was getting a lot of scrutiny after her oscar win and had been criticised for only doing bit roles in comic book movies. They wanted her to do more dramas that showcased her acting.(esp. after Catwoman) I think Halle's compromise was to play a Storm but have her more ineresting and more pivotal to the story that she got to appear in a blockbuster movie but play a more serious and less silly (catwoman) character So she probably felt she couldn't wait. Let's just say she wanted to have her cake and eat it.

Like I said before if she is in DOFP I expect a much more better portrayal. I want a collaboration between Halle and Singer and all the other writers and producers. Storm doesn't need to be the lead in the film but she does need to have some importance and developed much more fully as a character.

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