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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
Oh, to be clear. I see plenty of lurkers reading this thread. members and quite a few non members. it's just more maybe they don't have a thought to share, or time to share it, or are not members... none of those things are our fault for the way we post. What I meant earlier is it doesn't seem like the Thor forums here have that many people in them posting in general, slightly more in the other movie forums, maybe, but not much more, and some of that may be due to the fact that the movie is still quite a ways away.

we can try that, yes, it'll at least look less intimidating and appear more to the point, and yet we are still free to ramble on about details more under it, so don't have to censor ourselves that way.

generally. And Again, it doesn't matter to me.. But my main concern with the thoughts of others is that, yes the Thor forums here are slower than other movie posters, and certainly less posters. However, it could be a coincidence, but this thor forum was more active before all this deep speculation started, which lead me to get concerned that this speculation may have driven people away from the Thor forum, and be the reason that there are less people here in the first place. Again, could be coincidence cause of the lack of news. You guys can do whatever you want to do, I am sure most people will think that the deep speculation needs to be cut back, which isn't completely necessary.

Either way, it doesn't matter, because when movie gets closer, this thread will die down a lot, and the news and speculation thread will be flowing like crazy ANYWAY. So you should do what you want to do, and if spoilering some of your more deep speculation is your way of compramising, then go for it, cause you are making an effort. Whatever happens, happens I suppose.

and AM, don't appologize to me, I have no problem with what you are doing, I can't follow it, so I just do what I can. But it seems we are at a bit of a brick wall here guys, so let's just end this conversation, and move forward, and hope that more people will be willing to talk.

Now for his rogue gallery. If it seems that the 9 realms are being toured, I would expect multiple cameos, I could actually see Skurge and Amora appearing. Maybe simply by name, maybe even a cameo. They are a part of mainstream media it seems when it comes to Thor, so I would expect them to be a part of the MCU sooner or later. Other people may appear, like Ymir, if they go to jotenheim, he certainly could have a cameo, Hela, maybe Karnilla, Ulik, maybe the serpent, hell, maybe even freakin Mangog. (I think that would be awesome)

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