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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by ctsketch View Post
the wild fan fiction writing in the Thor forums sure has driven me to read it less....
Hey, baby it's ALLLL "fan fiction" until the movie comes out.

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
Either way, it doesn't matter, because when movie gets closer, this thread will die down a lot, and the news and speculation thread will be flowing like crazy ANYWAY. So you should do what you want to do, and if spoilering some of your more deep speculation is your way of compramising, then go for it, cause you are making an effort. Whatever happens, happens I suppose.
I think what AM suggested, a general sum up line at the top and then longer in depth answer in the spoiler button, might be a good thing for some of us more verbose types to try, even if it is at least a slight pain in the neck for us to do. I think it might help me reading some responses too, actually.

and maybe it might be best if I keep my future longer "fan fiction" speculations in spoiler threads so people can more easily read them or pass it by, if they so desire.

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