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Default Re: So what DIDN'T we like?

For me the ending is the problem! He could of just landed the plane on the ice, he had control of plane, he manually crashed it!! Here's the bigger mind F, one of the bombs wasn't even explosive when Steve crashed it in back of the hangar bay. He even dropped one of the bombs with one of the henchmen on it. How did he not know they were not explosive, or did he just take a risk hoping that they weren't?

I get it! The cube was the bombs power source, but not one of them was ever powered up by it. Once the cube was no longer on board there was no way any of them could be powered up, because of that, none of the bombs were a threat! I guess what I'm saying is that Steve didn't have to crash the ship! The bombs onboard were not even explosive! Even when Steve crashed the flying wing into the ice there was no explosion from the bombs! He didn't have to crash land the ship. He had control of it, which he could of just landed on the ice!

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