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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past - Par

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
Fix It.How Is erasing all the X-men films fixing anything?Very doudtful a year after the Wolverine comes out they will then say It never happened now.

That would stick the X-Men films In the past and would mean they can't do another wolverine film.How Is erasing most of the franchise celebrating them?And why In the world would you get the guy who started franchise to direct this film If you want to erase those films.

First Class had more connections to X-Men/X2 than Star Trek 2009 had to exsisting Star Trek Franchise.

mark Millar has clealry called First Class and days of future Past prequels.The future scenes may be set In alternate future that comes out of the assassination and
time travel may prevent the event and bring about Trilogy and The Wolverine.That would fit Singer's connecting dots between films comments.
by "fix it" means there's certain wrongs that can be explained, or undone (a simple explanation is the "cure" didn't stick, Rogue, Mags and Mystique now have there powers back, we saw how Xavier was returning, and there's a chance they could even undo/explain why scott isn't really dead

fix also means they answer a big problem between FC and X-men continuity in that they're no longer restricted to that timeline. Are the past Star Trek movies irrelevant now that the new films created a new timeline?

I think the FC members if they go into the future... (then return to the past) WILL create a new timeline very similar to Star Trek

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