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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
I think he means, that the speculation here is a bit too, well, big and obscure, and this IS a thread for EVERYONE to talk about possible ideas, and he, and others may find it hard to throw their ideas in and contribute to the discussion when all the posts here are long and mostly between two people speculating deeply into detail, regarding things that most people don't really want to think about at this point. It's difficult, that's how I see it, and it is understandable, I try to say what I can and gather what I can from you guys, but the posts are incredibly long and too detailed, so 80% of this thread is you two speculating on these things back and forth. lol This speculation is probably too deep for other people to read, nor do they probably have the time to read all of it, so people who think they may have something to add, or discuss regarding plot ideas, probably just avoid doing so here.

I'm completely neutral, so I am trying to speak without bias, that's how I see it from another's POV
I'm not one to hide how I feel about something.

I think between the two of them, as well as Lokidyonisis, we've been having this strange run of uber-fanfiction dominating this Thor forum (notice how nobody posts in this particular thread except the two of them) .... it's actually crept into a couple other MCU ones as well. I come here to click on threads hoping to get something legitimate to read, only to find myself having to sift over piles of excessively over-analyzed blurting.

I personally don't like when it's being portrayed as "piecing together the plot" and I'm allowed to voice that opinion, just as they are writing novels back and forth all day long about a scratch on Thor's head in a set pic.

The other part for me, I've stated before, is I cannot fathom why two people would waste their time trying to piece together the ENTIRE FILM from the obscure information we've gotten thus far, let alone try to figure out the entire plot BEFORE they've even seen the movie. I mean my my lord .... Marvel is trying to construct some great movies for us and certain individuals want to deconstruct it before it even gets to the screen. It's like kids poking holes in the wrapping of their Xmas presents before Xmas day. I can understand 5 year olds doing it, but adults? I admire some of the enthusiasm but, there is a serious lack of patience on display.

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
However, it could be a coincidence, but this thor forum was more active before all this deep speculation started, which lead me to get concerned that this speculation may have driven people away from the Thor forum, and be the reason that there are less people here in the first place. Again, could be coincidence cause of the lack of news. You guys can do whatever you want to do, I am sure most people will think that the deep speculation needs to be cut back, which isn't completely necessary.
You hit the nail on the head, at least for me personally. Used to love coming to this forum every day for new updates ..... but again I find myself having to sift thru endless amounts of what IMO is fan-fiction.

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