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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
I'm not one to hide how I feel about something either. We have that in common. You don't understand what we are doing or why, and you don't like it, and you want to wait and be surprised. That's fine, perfectly understandable. So, hey, here's an idea.... how about you don't come to this thread any more. Problem solved. Easy peasy. You voiced your opinion. Fine, now no reason for you to keep coming back voicing that opinion here and having to sift through our "fan fiction". That saves you time and energy and us frustration. We already know how you feel and now you know how I feel. I'm certainly not going to stop because someone who says they want to be surprised and doesn't like the idea of figuring out plot points and such comes into a thread *titled* plot ideas to be used for speculation and complains. That's silly. Just stop clicking on this link and reading it. Not usually anything completely new here anyway. At least I'm trying to keep this type of speculation out of the other threads this way, would you prefer this thread close and we go back to doing it in the other threads? I think not.

And by the way, absolutely NONE of your business how or why I "waste time" here or anywhere else. I cannot fathom why anyone would spend any time whatsoever even thinking about who I might be and why I'm posting on a board. I'm here. I can speculate and construct or deconstruct as I please. Get over it, and move on.
You two are dominating discussion in various other threads on this forum as well. It's virtually impossible to avoid it.

It's ok to discuss certain nugget, but my God show Marvel a little bit of respect and let them put out their fillm before you ruin it for yourself or other people.

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