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Default Re: Plot ideas based on SPOILERS (general discussion)

Chances are, whatever I speculate is not going to be 100% right.. I'll be lucky if it's 50% right. so I'm sure I'll be surprised and it wont' be ruined for me or anyone else. If that were true then people who read a book/comic book before seeing the movie version would have the movie completely ruined for them before they got there and then they'd leave the theatre mad because they knew the plot ahead of time. Doesn't happen.

It's all in fun, (my version of fun, if not yours apparently) and if it's right great, if not, oh, well. But I have no doubt I'll be surprised as will other people. In any case I'll put my "fan fiction" and longer responses in spoiler tags from now on it is easier for people to ignore it if they want. Now if you click this thread AND click my spoiler button AND read it, you have absolutely NO business complaining about how or what I post. Just don't click there and scroll past it.

as for dominating discussion in other threads, I hardly thinks so! And so what if we do post a lot? that's what a forum is for! I'm sure Marvel thinks it's better to be talked about than not talked about, and I'm sure the people who run the Hype would rather have people posting than not.

I think I posted in the other threads more when I started but lately in the news thread I more stick to posting if I find a bit of news or picture or whatever to share. I'd think at least some people would appreciate that! I'm not posting much if any speculation there anymore, I use this for most of my speculation (which is part of the reason for this thread, to not derail that thread). The Loki thread (which I can't recall seeing you in much if at all) I post more but again, that's what that thread is for! Loki/Tom discussion! and again I've been lately keeping most of my "fan fiction" Thor 2 speculation in this thread, which you surely CAN avoid reading very VERY easily if you really want to.

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