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Default Re: Is Batman going to become a fascist conservative in the Dark Knight Rises?

Bizarre. Never thought I would hear "fascist" (totalitarian/big government) and "conservative" (small government) paired together. That's paradoxical.

If you think it isn't paradoxical, you've been lied to by rich scumbags and the media about what conservatism really is. (For example: Mitt Romney is not even remotely a conservative.)

Originally Posted by SuperFerret View Post
Political messages in superhero movies is part of what put me off of the franchise to begin with.
Every superhero has always been political. Especially Batman as it's matured, or books like Watchmen and V for Vendetta. But it doesn't have to be that mature or complex of a book, even the basic premise of the superhero is political.

Superheroes examine what's wrong with society and go about with what they feel is the best approach to addressing that. If the writer is good, this will eventually lead to a conflict or morals or ideals with another character, or through a tough situation.

It's not just about liars in suits that get up on a stage and make empty promises, it's a reflection of humanity doing what humanity has always done: rationalize and attempt to solve major problems.

Captain Fungus sees a train derailing, he flies over and pushes it back onto the tracks, because he feels he has a responsibility to step in and help those in danger. He's a Voluntaryist.

If you have something against solving problems for some reason, feel free to seek out popcorn nonsense that doesn't encourage you to think critically or morally. Personally, I'm not interested in that, I find it petty. So to each their own.

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