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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

Originally Posted by HitMe View Post
Alright I haven't posted here since the film came out, but here's my take on a few things people have raised in various threads;

1. People have been saying that they don't like Bane's story being messed with and his childhood actually being Talias, but there's nothing in the film to suggest Banes story wasn't still true. Indeed Bane says that he was born there, and I don't see why he'd lie. It's possible for two people to be born in a hellhole :P

2. Bane is not necessarily reduced to just Talias muscle because she wants the same end result he does, just for slightly different reasons. In my opinion.

3. When talking about the end many people have said that it couldn't be Alfred imagining it because he never met Selina, but he did meet her, right at the beginning of the film. I don't think he was imagining the end but for all the conspiracy theorists who want to believe, the scene is there. And right afterwards he's talking about setting them up and chimpanzees and stuff.

4. The line about Bruces parents from the trailer should have been left in.

5. Foley should have been left out.
I agree with most of this, but I appreciate the perspective Foley gives that Batman is still seen as a menace after all this time. Gotham really valued Dent that much as a martyr that Batman is a top priority to take down, even 8 years later.

Could they have done this another way? Sure. Bullock? I wouldn't have minded. But I also don't mind Foley, and he didn't take up enough screen time to bother me. There are many other things I'd scrap in favor of giving other story bits more room to blossom.

In regard to #4, there were several things from the trailers that I'm shocked didn't make it into the final cut. Hans Zimmer's best two tracks he composed for the film, in the trailers for Rises (trailer 3 and 4), not in the final cut. Blooowwss my mind.

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