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Default Re: Avengers cartoon - Part 5

I'm a bit late to the show but I finally managed to sit down and watch the entire first season.

Loved it. Absolutely loved it. I'm already saddened that this show got cancelled. Everything about it is great and it is very faithful to the 616 comics but manages to incorporate stuff from the MCU and from the Ultimate universe into it as well. It has everything I wish an Avengers cartoon to have. Great characters fully developed, story arcs going throughout the season with side stuff being built up on the side, references to the Marvel universe, members joining as the show progresses, faithfulness to the comics, etc. I heard some people say this is Marvel's best cartoon so far. I personally feel that The Spectacular Spider-Man is just a bit better but this show is a close second, and I mean a very close second. If season 2 turns out being just as good or even better than season 1 for me (and I have a feeling it will from what they've set up), then it might become Marvel's best cartoon thus far, at least in my opinion.

Every Avenger is well developed, faithful to the comics, and has their own moments of shining. The voice acting is absolutely fantastic and the characters sound exactly like how I imagined them to sound like - Captain America being the best of the best. I absolutely loved Captain America's voice in this and feel like this is the voice he should always have. I can't exactly describe what it is that makes his voice seem so perfect. The only thing I can say is that whenever I hear him talk, I hear a man that sounds exactly like a confident war veteran & natural leader pulled straight out of the WWII era.

Despite me saying earlier that every Avenger is handled perfectly, there is one Avenger that I have two problems with and that Avenger is Iron Man.There is one voice actor I didn't really like in the show and that was Iron Man's voice actor. The VA tries way too hard to impersonate Robert Downey Jr and it just doesn't work. He only sounds exactly like RDJ about 25% of the time and for the other 75% of the time, he sounds like a really annoying and whiny version of RDJ. It took me until the first episode with Kang to used to his voice and although I am completely used to it by now, I still wish they would've gave Iron Man an unique original voice as opposed to trying to make him sound like RDJ and not doing a good job at it most of the time. The second problem I have with Iron Man is the lack of a story/rogues' gallery for him. Every major Avenger (the major Avengers being Hulk, Cap, Iron Man, and Thor) got a story in this season where the Avenger at hand had to fight/save/lead the rest of the team against their own rogues' gallery. Hulk got a story with the Leader and other gamma ray villains, Thor got a story with Loki at the end, and Cap got a story with both HYDRA and with Kang (who is kinda a Captain America villain in this show). How come there was no story with Iron Man's villains especially since he is the most popular Avenger on the show? That hurts the character a bit IMO. And yes, I know there Iron Man villains like Living Laser and Crimson Dynamo in season 1 but I'm talking about a story arc where the main villain is an Iron Man villain battling the Avengers. Heck, even Ant-Man got a story arc where he got to fight his own villain (the Ultron stuff). But other than that, Iron Man is very well done but I do hope he gets a story arc where he and the Avengers fight the Mandarin or something in season 2.

Those two complaints I have about Iron Man are really my only 2 complaints about the show. That and I thought the final fight with Loki at the end was a bit underwhelming - I didn't like how they defeated him. But other than that, this is a very solid show and just like The Spectacular Spider-Man, it proves that Marvel is capable of doing an animated series with the same level of quality that DC puts into their shows. I look forward to making some time to watch season 2.

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