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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post
Right behind that comes Bale in TDKR. Indeed, I think Bale wasn't as was utilized in BB and TDK as he was in Rises. Bale shines when he is exuding raw emotion. In Batman Begins and TDK he is playing the reserved and contemplative Bruce Wayne, which demands a sort of presence I just don't see Bale exude.
Whaaat? Bruce in Begins has a lot of outbursts of rage, and moments of huge sadness or despair. He also has a lot of very tense stares in the film, oozing with the desire to lash out, you can tell he's wrestling with something heavy in his eyes. Very bottled up. I thought he was great.

I might give you TDK as far as raw emotion goes, but there's at least the Joker interrogation...

I happen like the smooth, calculated, prep-time Batman/Bruce too in the trilogy though, so that side of things is subjective.

He's way intense in Begins though, seriously.

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