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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Well, even with a guy like Tom Hiddleston fame, fortune and attention won't last forever. The Entertainment business is a very fickle establishment with stars being replaced all the time. When you're a hot property and making lots of money people will always be flattering you, a lot are quite insincere about it and are just bandwagon jumpers because that's how they appease their own egos. I would certainly hope that Tom is smart enough to see that for what it is and resists the urge to be like those pretenders because while some of them might stick around when the next best thing comes around, the majority of them will move on. Some of you might have heard of a group called Huey Lewis and the News. I recall watching one of those Behind the Music documentaries about the band and Huey Lewis was talking about when at the height of their fame they should just enjoy it while they could and not give in to the notion that they were always going to be in the limelight and making the kind of money they were making. The way Hollywood and the entertainment business works it's very easy to inflate your own importance and believe that you are above everyone else. I certainly hope that Tom has adopted that sort of a more realistic perception and not gotten his head too ensnared in the stars. You know, while Tom is an exceptional actor I could actually see a future in directing for Tom which I believe would yield more satisfying results seeing subtle polished acting nuances in his actors and actresses because of his guidance.

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