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Default Re: Luke Cage & Iron Fist - HEROES FOR HIRE movie thread

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Iron Fist solo is just another kung fu flick; doesn't matter how much window dressing you put on it. We've seen it literally thousands of times, and somebody else has probably already done a better job of making the same movie many times over.

With HFH, you get a genuine superhero flick, as opposed to just another chop sockey.
Exactly. And what is more, Iron Fist's "power" isn't really all that unique to him. In other Kung Fu movies or even in shows, people have been able to effectively channel their chi force so that their fist (or other parts of their body) becomes as hard as iron. There's that movie "Invincible Iron Armor" (no, not an Iron Man flick ) where that's pretty much the premise of the film, albeit with the villain having that ability. Even in the very final episode of Martial Law, Sammo Hung did what Iron Fist does and smashed through a wall or door with his bare fist.

Immortal Iron Fist might be interesting as a comic, but as a movie, it's pretty much been done thousands of times before albeit with variations on the details. It's nothing new. A HFH movie, on the other hand, is new and fresh to the superhero genre because everything up until now has been either a solo hero or about a team. I can't think of anyone else who would also better suit the buddy movie formula transplanted into a comic book setting than Cage and the Fist.

Originally Posted by Hawkingbird View Post
I think a HFH movie would be amazing. Whether it would do well at the box office is another question.
That's why the casting would have to be dynamite. It would depend on that and their chemistry together as much as the action scenes. That's why having someone like Ray Park (who used to be suggested for the role) would be awful casting. He has little acting ability and is just more of a stunt guy really. It's better to have an actor learn the choreography (as was done for the Matrix movies) than to simply get a caucasian martial artist with no acting ability.

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