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Default Re: Is Batman going to become a fascist conservative in the Dark Knight Rises?

Batman is not a fascist conservative. He is not a political character by any means, both the Nolan version and the comics version. The whole "Bush thing" (as people call it) from TDK is a ridiculous stretch and as for TDKR, Nolan planned all those scenes filmed on Wall Street before the Occupy movement took place.

Can you be a liberal and still love Batman? Yes. I myself am not liberal or conservative but I lean closer to the liberals and I absolutely love Batman. Like I said before, Batman isn't really conservative or liberal so it's not an issue. Heck, if you think about it, Batman would realistically get crap from both sides. He would get crap from the conservatives because he is against guns & doesn't kill criminals and he would get crap from the liberals for violating so many of the criminals' rights (example: beating a criminal to a pulp).

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