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Default Re: New Heavy Metal animated movie from Robert Rodriguez

Originally Posted by Baramos View Post
Well there is more gore/nudity in movies at this point than at any other point in history so I'd say you have little to worry about on that front.

I doubt they will bother to try and get a PG-13 rating, as the only reason to do that would be to get more people in the seats and let's face it, they are going to be getting very few people seeing this in theaters.
I don't know Baramos, on premium cable shows like True Blood, Game of Thrones, and Spartacus, I would say Yes, there is more graphic violence and frontal nudity/sexual situations, but in today's motion pictures, I think it's a little more tame, well at least in the sex department . Todays movies have no problem showing extreme violence, but nudity , especially full frontal is still kinda taboo. The first Heavy Metal came out in 1981,when movies like Porky's and others had no problem showing Bush. Traditional 2D animated features rarely get theatrical releases these days, especially R-rated ones. I got a feeling this is either going to be watered down or released straight to Dvd like Heavy Metal : F.A.K.K.

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