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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by Wolvieboy17 View Post
So LokiD's stuff makes sense to you but THIS doesn't? :P
Yup :P

But seriously though, I saw we were talking about LokiD, (I think) then I noticed the Chinese were being discussed. I must have missed the bridge, I was playing LoL with my friends till like 4am, and then logged on here, but was too tired to read through the posts :P

Originally Posted by Ash Talon View Post
Isn't the whole co-production status with China so Marvel/Disney can distribute IM3 in China? I remember that's a reason for it. China's a huge, relatively-untapped market (at least 3 times the size of the US in terms of population). Remember the early story synopsis about Chinese heroes assisting IM? I'm sure Marvel/Disney is going to take advantage of Mandarin being the villain and try their best to use Chinese story elements (and some co-financing) to make a legitimate, theatrical representation in the country.

I think it's hilarious that Loki's still got all his crazy story theories going. Theories that are far more complex than all the films released so far. The stories of all the Marvel movies so far have been rather thin with very little connective tissue other than some SHIELD appearances (often shoe-horned into the plot). I don't think they're going to switch gears and suddenly decide to make everything completely interwoven and complex. It just doesn't fit Marvel Studio's MO.
The thing with him, is that he's not saying marvel will do that. He claims to know a bit, regarding characters, and parts of the concept stage. He intentionally writes these obscure ridiculously long out of no where speculations to hide what "he knows", but at the same time, give away the small things he says he knows to the people who are willing to analyze his long posts, and see past the long speculation.

However, the IM3 thread isn't the best place for that, as people have said, we need an MCU thread somewhere.

anyway, back to China!!!

Also, why haven't we got another trailer for this movie yet? We got one way back in October, I would think there would be atleast one other trailer released at this point

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