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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Par

A few days ago, a member on here asked me to replay a few questions to YB. Well, he responded, if anyone cares.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
I have several more questions
to Ybnormal21 on Fri Jan 18 2013 14:02:53
1. What makes Clark put on the Superman suit and debut onto the public scene to begin with?

2. What's Superman's first big rescue while wearing the suit?

3. How is the Superman/Lois relationship was portrayed/developed; maybe a bit of info on how it's shown on screen if possible.

4. Do we get a scene where people finally cheer Superman in a Superman Returns Baseball Stadium scale?

5. Is Superman shown being the type of hero that does things because he's good and not because he's feels like he's forced to?

6. Is Superman revealing himself to the world a response to the chaos Zod is causing, or is it simply because he's finally decided to embrace his destiny?

7. PLEASE squeeze that "twist" ending out of him!!

8. Ask him if he remembers any specific lines of dialogue from the movie that are not in any of the trailers. Does Michael Shannon say "Do you realize the universe is constantly shrinking, Superman?"

9. Does Jor-El send any holograms with Kal-El that teaches him his heritage similar to "Superman: The Movie"?

Here's his reply:
by Ybnormal21 on Sat Jan 19 2013 17:07:24

1. He realizes that he needs to use his powers for the good of man kind. He was giving a gift and put her for a reason and through a speech with jor-el and after learning of his heritage he decides to do just that. I don't think there's a specific scene where he has to suit up because the world is in danger.

2. A truck driver loses control of his truck and crashes into a bridge and superman has to lift the truck (eighteen wheeler) back on to the bridge. That is the first rescue scene, but it is followed by a montage of different rescues.

3. All he said was that they handled it well. There isn't as much joking at Clark's expense as in other movies. Clark is more shy and reserved as opposed to the bumbling idiot. Lois is attracted to him from the start, that is made obvious, and its even before she finds out that he is superman. He also said that they share two kisses in the movie.

4. Yes. On the bridge after he rescues the truck and pulls the door off its hinges to let out the truck driver (the door is smashed shut) the driver is so relieved to be alive that he embraces superman with a big hug not even questioning why this man was flying or lifting an eighteen wheeler(it's handled in a humors manner) the people on the bridge have gotten out of there cars to look at this with amazement and everyone claps and cheers the rescue. Pictures are being taken and videos with their phones as well.

5. He does what he does because he genuinely wants to help people. He has great love and admiration for humans. He even tells the service men in one scene that their his heroes and that he looks up to them.. It's worded better I am paraphrasing.

6. He's embraced his destiny. His big revel is before zod starts causing destruction.

7. I'm working on the twist. There's more to it than I thought. I will tell you soon.

8. I didn't have time to get specific scenes of dialogue, but I asked him about that line and he confirmed that yes there was a scene on top on the daily planet building where zod is informing superman of who he is and why he's here and something along those lines where said.

9. There are hologram messages when he first finds his ship. In the fortress later in the movie jor-el talks to him in more of question and answer fashion. Clark ask him questions about where he comes from and the limits to his abilities, things like that, and jor-el answers him.

I will read over the other messages to see what I've missed and ill also ask for specific dialogue next time I speak to him. He's becoming very suspicious so the next convo with him maybe my last.

Also there will be a 30 second spot with the Super Bowl and I hope that can prove something to everything as I don't think that's been announced yet.

I also asked him about supermans first flight and he says that the first time he's shown flying it takes place before he becomes superman. There is no gimmicks with the suit. He draws his power from a yellow sun like in the comics.

Please keep in mind I'm getting this stuff from someone else in a rushed phone conversation and I'm doing the best I can with all the discriptions and that trust me its a lot better on screen. He reaffirmed that to me a few times.. It looks better than it sounds its an awesome movie.
So there you have it.

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