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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

Code Named: the Spider, A.K.A. Arachnia.
Real Name: Jessica Drew.
I Redesigned Spider-Woman because I thought her movie could be a real spy, Espionage, political, terrorist thriller, Marvel movie. It could be all about her being a SHIELD agent who is actually a Spy for Hydra, but she is actually spying on Hydra for SHIELD. And it be this big spy drama, all about who can she trust and who can trust her. And It would be darker and grittier than Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, or Spider-Man. More in the style of the Bourne movies, or Patriot Games, Salt, Mission Impossible 1, movies like those. Maybe cameos by Maria Hill, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, or Agent Coulsen. And to cut the confusion about her being related or connected to Spider-Man, her name is changed to a code name, the Spider or Arachnia. The concept is that in a world with Superheroes and Super Villains, of coarse the government would use, or create in her case, a super powered covert agent to send at the bad guys. So she lives in the same world as Thor and Captain America and Iron Man, but dwells in a part so dark they usually don't get there. She is also so undercover that you can't be sure where her alliances are.
There could also be a scene, to get the Spider-Man confusion out of the way, where someone asks her Are you related to Spi... and she interrupts "NO!" (Or not.)
I redesigned her costume to look more like a spy outfit. The Black stripes were changed to straps. I was considering even making the black stripes outlining her yellow design to be straps too. All straps all the time. But wasn't sure it would look good. Plus Hawkeye has this purple arrow design for no reason on his costume. The red on her suit I made darker. The idea is that its more like a dark uniform that is sort of red. I just haven't finished the coloring yet. The wings currently look like a cape because they aren't extended in flight. But they are meant to be wings and not a cape. Maybe the straps are like a harness for her wings. Her mask and Spider-Man eyes were changed into goggles.
Her left arm might be a little long. I drew this design based on a Marvel cover featuring the new Phantom X, who is a woman, and she was holding a large gun in her left hand. (I wanted to get my idea on paper fast.) I changed it and it turned out too long.
So a very quick character history movie plot concept idea thing:
Jessica Drew (if that is her real name) was an agent for M-13 in England's spy game. She was recruited by SHIELD and went under cover in Hydra. Hydra turned her into a super powered assassin and sent her into SHIELD as their spy. Something like that. Her code names are the Spider and Arachnia.

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