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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
No thanks. That looks like an incredibly generic catsuit costume compared to her original, which was one of the best female costumes in comics. What does she need guns for anyway when she has her venom blasts?

Also, I spoke to many female non comic readers (well not really spoke to, but I was wearing my Marvel Civil War shirt and they automatically brought up Spider-Woman) and they said how horrible and offensive they thought her costume was. It sort of was just highlight her breasts they thought. So I was trying to make it less offensive to non comic readers and also if you are a secret covert agent and not a superhero, like my idea has her and how I think she was portrayed in a few solo comics, she wouldn't wear a skin tight spandex suit like that. It works in the comics, but not in real life. And I was also trying to separate her from Spider-Man.

I based her "catsuit" off of Avenger's SHIELD agent uniforms and Black Widow's uniform.

These are two female SHIELD agents in the Marvel movie universe right now, and I was designing Agent Jessica Drew to fit into that movie universe.

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