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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

I wouldn't base Jessica with a gun off that "Spider-Woman: Origin" story. Bendis horribly messed up and altered her background unnecessarily. She really doesn't need a gun given that her venom blasts are more than sufficient. That would be like giving Wasp or Yellowjacket a gun. Even Black Widow doesn't really need a gun but she uses one more than the other people I've mentioned (including Spider-Woman). That image of Spider-Woman with a gun is more the exception than the rule.

And the yellow symbol doesn't need to highlight her breasts even if it is still the same shape. The reason it looks that way in the comics is because her costume looks sprayed on and it traces the outline. However, if she still had a skintight catsuit with the same yellow design it would look different. I don't like the straps and unnecessary seams and edges you've given her, nor the black gloves, belt and boots.

Spider-Woman's costume was given to her by HYDRA so it doesn't have to look like a SHIELD uniform.

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