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Default Re: Ultimate One Universe RPG: IC Thread

“We’re here, sir.”

I look up from my sTab. “Perfect timing.”

“Reading the news again, sir?”

“Indeed. And I was just getting rather bored with what passes for journalism these days.”

“I know what you mean, sir. I mean, did you hear what GalaxyNews did?”

“I had heard about that,”
I reply as my driver walks over to my door. Especially since I ordered the firing of their investigative team. It’s so much easier to manipulate people when you can control the message. And much as I miss the old days where blade and muscle was all one required, there are some advantages to all of this technology.

My driver opens my door. “Kind of sad that the best sources of news are a comedian and a fictional anchorman.”

“Truly a pathetic state of affairs,”
I say as I exit the vehicle. “I shouldn’t be more than an hour.”

“Very well, sir.”

I smile as I notice the lovely figure waiting at the entrance to the building.


she replies, walking alongside me as the doormen open the doors for us. “I enjoyed your performance last night.”

“My performance?”

“At that mutant rights benefit.”

I smile slightly. “To be honest, that wasn’t a real performance. Hardly required any effort at all.”

“The accomplished liar.”

“You wound me, Emma. Comparing me with a common liar. I’m a master manipulator.”

“And proud of it.”

“If one can’t take pride in their work, then why do it?”
We enter the meeting hall of our sanctum. “Speaking of which, the reason you called me here?”

“I believe we have a new recruit for our Club. Although, she isn’t like our usual member.”

“Usual is not a word easily ascribed to our membership, Emma.”

“I believe you’ll agree that this one is quite...unique.”
Emma knocks on the door to one of the living quarters. Then she slowly opens it and peeks inside.

“Hi. I’ve brought my friend that I told you about. Would you like to meet him?”
I can’t see inside, but I assume our visitor nods silently. “Good.”
Emma opens the door. My eyebrow rises sharply at the odd skin color. And those eyes. “I see what you mean, Emma.”

I take a step forward. “Hello. My name is Vandal. And you are?”

The young woman sitting on the bed glances furtively from Emma to myself. Finally, she replies softly. “My Koriand'r.”

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