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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

Originally Posted by Artistsean View Post
I actually based my idea on several images I have seen. Spider-Woman being trained by Task Master at Hydra, her in front of several Hydra soldiers. Her being surgically altered and given powers, her comic series that established that she was a double agent working for Hydra and SHIELD. Her being sent to assassinate Nick Fury. Stuff like that. I love the idea of the whole espionage world being introduced into the Marvel universe.

You are entitled to your opinions. My concept is the covert double agent with powers idea. How do you see the Spider-Woman movie being?
I already gave my idea of how the Spider-Woman movie should be in the previous pages - a supernatural/ spy genre based on how her comic book was.

As for Taskmaster training her - that's a recent retcon. Taskmaster hadn't even been invented at the time of her original comic (he only appeared in Avengers #196 which was in 1980) and certainly didn't have any dealings with her or Hydra. All the others you mention which happened in her comic (or before she had a regular series) have always involved the use of her venom blasts and super strength - no guns. When she went to assassinate Fury in Marvel Spotlight #32, she did so with her venom blasts.

As for being surgically altered - again, that's pretty much a recent thing and a bit of an injoke by Frank Cho to suggest she had surgically enhanced breasts when Hydra were augmenting her powers. Her origin didn't involve anything about her being surgically altered - she was simply given an experimental serum infused with spider blood and put in an accelerator where she aged at a decelerated rate, which was like her being in suspended animation for decades.

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