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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

I agree, yes.

I am reading Journey into Mystery, Fear Itself right now. The stuff with Kid Loki (who was brought back by Thor after sacrificing himself to save Asgard, but he brought back as a boy). It's a bit gory but quite good, I am hooked. Definitely recommended so far. This is one same comic series that Tom himself wrote a letter praising that I think was posted in the last one (Everything Burns which I'm getting next month).

There are some really great Loki quotes in it such as "Why do people always presume I'm lying?" (HA! Hope that line crops up in MCU sometime) Kid Loki is lots of fun and very mischievous, naughty, and yet an interesting complex character with a fascinating relationship with his brother Thor. For Hiddles fans, towards the back of the book there is a large photo of Loki/Tom from the Thor 1 poster.

The following is not overly spoilery for JIM, but I'll put it in spoiler tags anyway, I do mention some speculation about Thor 2 a little bit as well. Not very spoilery though.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

in the first one, there is a neat backstory tale of how Loki tricked Thor into getting his giant goat steeds which is funny. Volstagg tells the tale and is quite good in it. There is a scene with kid Loki and Surtur which is really funny (the look on Surtur's face when he sees him is priceless). I love that this is a kid and yet Loki's reputation precedes him BIG TIME, so everyone is suspicious of everything he does, even the bad guys are extremely leary of this Loki kid. It comes off both sad and at times incredibly amusing. Lots of very nasty and yet amusing characters in this too, for the guys, Hela is HOT.

In the second one, there are some interesting character positions that could work into Thor 2, one is that the Warriors 3 have vowed to Thor to protect young Loki, and they talk about their issues about doing that, after all that Loki had done to them, Thor, and Asgard, in his previous life, and most of the inhabitants of Asgard distrust this new Loki, even though he's just a child. Thor believes in him, that's about it. It seems Kid Loki has a certain amount of hero worship going on when it comes to big brother this time around.

Odin isn't happy he's back either but then Odin says, "First, while Loki was not of my blood, he was my son as truly as Thor. I will not abandon any son of mine, especially one who has returned to me from across the abyss of non being." That is interesting in regards to what Odin's position may be on Loki in Thor 2, I think.

adding more on Tom's Unicef trip (tomorrow apparently).

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