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Default Re: Who else hated Batman's portrayal in JUSTICE LEAGUE (Timm)?

I personally loved Batman in JL & JLU and consider Timm's Batman to be the perfect Batman to write in the Justice League. He isn't the ridiculously overpowered Batgod that he is sometimes in the comics yet is still pretty badass and has the prep time I personally love.

I've been seeing a lot of unfair criticisms towards Batman with the JL for the past few years. It seems like whenever Batman takes down a superpowered villain with the JL, he is always labelled as overpowered even when it occassionally makes sense. I've even seen JL stories where Batman just fights side by side with Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern with no badass moments or "Batman saves the day!" moments that still get criticized for having Batgod problems. It really seems to me that some people just can't grasp the idea of Batman being in the Justice League period and will label him as an overpowered writer-worshiped Batgod regardless of what he does or doesn't do. Are there moments where he has been overpowered by some fans? Yes. I'm going to admit that as a hardcore Batman fan. But I'm beginning to see more and more people in the opposite direction too - people that underpower Batman and are shocked at anything Batman manages to pull off while fighting next to the rest of the JL and label it as PIS.

As for why he has so many moments to shine, it is for the same reason Superman has so many moments to shine - they are equal. Batman and Superman aren't just the most popular DC characters in real life. They're also the superheroes that carry the most weight in the DC universe. It has been this way since their inception. They have always been seen as equals in abilities overall. Batman was created as the yang to Superman's ying. What one can do, the other can't. And what one can't do, the other can. Kane and Finger even said back when they created Batman "Unlike Superman, he didn't have any powers. So I gave him gadgets and intelligence to make up for it". This means they're both equally capable of solving a situation. They just have different ways of doing it. For example, both Superman and Batman are equally capable of defeating an alien threat. The difference is that Superman would give it his best to physically destroy the threat while Batman would give it his best to come up with a strategy on how to destroy the threat.

Superman is essentially the brawn and Batman is the brains. They need each other in order to complete each other. That's why they work so well together. And naturally, Batman's brains have to be equally proportional to Superman's brawns and Superman's brawns have to be equally intelligent to Batman's brains. That's why Batman is smart enough to get out of many situations when with the JL. Also, Batman having the brain and Superman having the brawn does not mean at all that Superman is dumb - just that it is not the main ability that makes him stand out. Same thing applies to Batman. Superman having the brawns doesn't mean that Batman is physically weak (he's one of the world's greatest martial artists) but he is known for his intelligence the most and that is the ability that stands out the most.

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