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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Bale I'm Batman> Anything Iron man said or did
You mean the scene that Michael Keaton made famous? Perhaps. But Bale's version isn't .

The scene where Batman is interrogating Flass was brilliant. Is that enough emotion for you?
I thought that scene was memorable for its (unintentional) humor than any display of explosive rage? It was like the "WHERE"S THE TRIGGA???" of BB.

hen it comes to supporting characters, was Potts better than Gordon?
Potts was (far) better than Rachel, that's for sure. Those were the characters I originally compared. As for Gordon, I would say yes. Pepper Potts was more integral to Tony's growth, maturity and emotional reliance than Gordon was. Gordon wasn't a big player until The Dark Knight I thought.

Falcone was more intimidating than Stane
I found Falcone and his cliched gangster overacting more humorous than intimidating (seems to be trend with this film). Whereas Stane was genuinely scary in the scene where he paralyzes and takes Starks Arc Reactor.

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