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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

I like Holloway and hope he's in the movie but I kind of don't see him as Zemo or a lot of major villains. I'd actually rather see him as a hero eventually.

What if they're leaning towards using Holloway for someone that's not Zemo or a villain the whole time?

Maybe Holloway's not up for the role of Zemo or anyone like Modok and instead they'll alter his hair a little and he'll be an ex-convict named Simon Williams who Crossbones and Zola/Zemo interact with. Not really a villain, necessarily. Maybe he did something really small and got caught but ended up in prison or on the wrong side of the law. Sort of like his character in Lost. And becomes Zola/Zemo's next test subject and much more as part of an experiment about the nature of transferring consciousness. Zola is already half machine but his technology is only keeping him alive. As a cyborg at this stage.

So he needs his mind to become completely one with the machine to continue outliving time... He forces Simon and Terrington into a better mixture of biological-machines intended to keep him alive longer and designed only to compute. Including a stage that involves turning their consciousness into an ion beam. Simon having some characteristics of a living laser for awhile. They force Simon into it to see if it's possible to transfer consciousness from one thing to another and it shoots back into Williams. In the process this backfires and creates Wonderman out of the machine, who becomes somewhat destructive with his new found gifts like Tetterington would on the show. Tetterington would become one of Shield's main problems, while Simon would be around for a while longer and possibly shows up in Avengers 2 for a huge battle where Falcon returns for just that part of the movie.

I hope Zemo does show up and maybe they throw a little pre-transformation Modok and Wonderman in there like this that could be expanded on in the Shield show or later films.

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