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Default Re: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

Doug Jones will be among the guests at the Lexington Comic Con in March I plan on attending.

In FFROTSS........Alba just didn't look right. I don't get into Alba bashing (because I have had a crush on her for years....not as bad as someone else who used to post here, but I must admit I likes her alot)....but her hair and makeup was just wonky here. I thought she looked great in the first FF movie though.

I was extremely disappointed in Galactus. At the very least they could have shown an actual spaceship. Kelly, don't know if you remember, but I talked years ago about inserting scenes of Galactus from the animated SS series into the movie. I did some preleminary tests that actually worked a little...but got preoccupied and put it on the back burner. I need to dig that stuff out and work on it again.

Doctor Doom still wasn't right, but done a lot better than the first movie.

Is it bad that I wasn't sad that Andre Braugher's character was zapped?

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