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Default Re: Judge Dredd Reboot!! - Part 2

Originally Posted by rogue trooper View Post
...maybe not anytime soon. However, seeing as to how the film is already on its path to become an instant cult-classic, and if the film continues doing well the next couple of weeks, I could see a theatrical sequel happening in maybe after 7 or 8 years from now, once it has its solid place in the public's consciousness. Maybe. Ofcourse, a strong deciding factor could probably be in whatever happens in Karl Urban's career in the years ahead.

Films, for example, like Punisher: War Zone, and Conan The Barbarian never had a chance of a sequel because they not only failed commercially at the box office, but they were critical failures as well, despite doing a little better on home video. Dredd is not like these two.

In the meantime, I would love an animated DTV Judge Dredd feature!
The aftermarket sales is good news and if it performs well in cable/netflix, etc too then DNA might push for a sequel hoping the general public who passed at the theatres (a lot were barely aware it was on...) will have realised they missed out on a bit of a gem last year. Dredd is still 2000AD's biggest name, and I figure they aint gonna give up on him if they can see this one has gained belated appeal.

One things for sure, if they greenlight a sequel I'd hope they make a distribution deal to fund the marketing next time round (let people know its out there for Christ's sake). And keep a lid on the script...Don't want the plot swiped again for some other flick that comes out earlier to steal its thunder somewhat.

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