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Dry Re: What's your Batman Reboot?

My reboot would be a live action entire course lay out of the new 52 crossed with year one. I would lay out significant characters beginnings all in this movie while doing my best to stray away from one rouges gallery character taking center stage. Basically, a cameo collage where I could make sure my series could go in 1000 different directions while keeping fans hungry and on the edge of their seat waiting for the next movie.

Setting would be the 1940s/steam punk style/world of tomorrow best portrayed in TAS. Ex: tommy guns and 1940-1960ish cars, but Batman also uses a bat plane.

Act one would be the Crime Alley murder of Bruce Wayne's parents by Joe Chill, desperate because he owes the Cobblepot family money. At the police station, Officer James Gordon consoles young Bruce, asks if he has any close family. At Wayne funeral, Gotham socialite families such as the Elliots and Sionsis' attend for appearances and support. As a nod, Simon Trent star of the Gray Ghost also attends. Alfred accepts responsibility as caretaker while quitting work for Cobblepot family.

Second act would be a preteen to teenage Bruce Wayne landing in France to attend boarding school. While there he rivals with another student, Morgan DuCard which results in a fight after class. Morgan tells his father Henri who instead of punishing his son for weakness, tells Morgan to invite Bruce over for dinner to offer him education beyond the confines of a classroom. Bruce begins his training with four other students: Morgan Ducard, Jean-Paul Valley, Slade Wilson and Thalia Al-Ghul. Bruce vows to continue his training after Thalia's father and Henri's mentor Ra's Al-Ghul says he senses great power in Bruce. Act two would end about one hour into the movie.

Bruce returns to Gotham, freshly a college graduate (Internet fans think roughly Armmie Hammer age) to see Gotham in despair. Gotham police are corrupt answering to the Falcone or Maroni families. Alarmed at the amount of crime in the city, Bruce goes back to the Gotham precinct to an uncaring clerk officer until he and Alfred are recognized by Lt. James Gordon who is in between interviewing child-witnesses one who was taken into custody after his drug addict mother abandoned him while the two were robbing a grocery store and just before officers escort a child who's parents were gunned down in front of him while they were robbing a bank. Gordon tells Bruce and Alfred to move away from Gotham once Bruce inherits and assumes control of Wayne enterprises, perhaps relocating the business to Metropolis or revolutionary Star city. Bruce tells Alfred he's had enough of tragedy and crime in Gotham and plans to bring it all to an end. (Child one = Jason Todd, child two = Prometheus)

Act three has Bruce prowling in all black to find the epicenter of corruption. Deep in Gothams south east corridor where most prostitution and drug trade occurs, Bruce leaps to the rescue of a hooker who is being beaten by her pimp/dealer. She in return slaps Bruce saying she's doesn't need help from a guy wearing a "cat burglar Halloween costume". They go back in forth Bruce saying her get punched and kicked defense was working out well and why he should be afraid of who some lowlife pimp works for. Her tone immediately changes to fear saying that was one of Carmine Falcones Lieutenants, known only as "The Red Hood" known for his brutal nature, classic dress, and always leaving a trail of blood behind him. Just before Bruce can get out his second question to the prostitute, he is shot by Gotham police without warning. Before police can unmask the severely wounded Bruce, the prostitute breaks a bottle over one officers head and stabs the other officer with the rest of the shattered bottle. Bruce escapes before the prostitute is asked by other girls "who was that Selina?". Selina Kyle then says she doesn't know who he was but he gave her a great idea and proved she can get out of this life.

Flash forward several months after recovery, new protective armor designs after tactical failures, Bruce is now Batman, the mysterious figure in the night who seems to be single handedly destroying the territories of organized crime bosses, who have yet to figure out Batman is only beating up criminals, stopping drug trades and leaving them for police all in Lt. Gordon's district knowing he's the only precint who is not linked to the Falcone or Maroni families. Money drop offs and family heads homes being stolen are hits from Selina Kyle now being Catwoman using the guise of Batman being in two places at once as cover. Selina beats up several of Falcones men in his home including Red Hood who laughs when she threatens to kill him. He says she would make a better boss than Falcone since he wastes too much time making people suffer. Asking what he means, Hood admits how he had a hand in making Brian Kyle suffer for years routinelu making him watch Falcone, and most recently himself make Brian Kyle watch them have sex with Kyles wife when he couldn't pay his debt. Enraged Selina begins to beat Falcone even taking off her gloves and clawing his face and gouging his eyes. Batman comes in to stop her before reinforcements arrive.

Bruce attends a hearing where Falcone is to be on trial with several of Maroni's men in attendance. Bruce meets with Gordan, noticing Selina is also in attendance, her clothes and appearance vastly upgraded. Bruce asks Gordon if its a good idea to have so many powerful criminals under one roof, but Gordon says he is ready to lock Falcone away forever thanks to Batmans calculated hits to both families when district attorney Harvey Dent interrupts them by saying Falcone and he have a plea bargain where he will serve on 5 years of his lifetime sentence in either Keystone or Dakota city after he gives up several names all linked to organized crime including the Sionsis family's investment banker Warren White, Maroni, the Cobblepots and other known Gotham families including the police commissioner. Chaos ensues after a witness who works at the ace chemicals plant takes the stand to testify that Maroni uses the plant as a front for drug trafficking, the baliff throws acid in Dents face and shoots Falcone, and the witness, Red Hood emerges from the crowd and shoots the baliff, judge, and Maroni who is also in attendance. Bruce chases after Falcone's hitman who escapes the courtroom and steals a motorcycle. Batman chases Red Hood down to the Ace chemicals plant where Red Hood loses control and crashes through a window after going over a ramp. Panicked and too scared to get caught, R.H. doesn't bother removing his motorcycle helmet shooting at Batman while fleeing through the plant. Batman throws a metal shard from the wreckage closely resembling a batarang, causing the gun to malfunction and explode into Hood's eyes. Red Hood stumbles backward, the helmet visor snapping down after he falls over the railing. Police arrive and Batman escapes.

Batman meets Gordon on top of the GCPD to give a wrap of the movie's events. Catwoman is still crippling the crime bosses financially, Warren White pleaded insanity from the events in court and was assigned treatment and therapy at Arkham Asylum by Dr. Jonathan Crane whom Batman disapproves due to his suspected mob ties, but Gordon says Dr. Hugo Strange is over seeing all rehabilitations at the Asylum. Speaking of doctors, Batman asks what happened to the only other survivors of the courtroom massacre albeit horribly disfigured. Gordon says Red Hood was treated at Gotham hospital by Dr. Thomas Elliott but will likely be sent to Arkham as well since all he does is laugh and Harvey Dent has gone missing after stabbing a nurse. Gordon says he can't win the fight in Gotham alone, and Batman says to call him when he's needed. Gordon asks how, Batman turns on the bat signal which particularly catches the attention of three young boys: one who's a circus acrobat, the boy who's mother left him at the police station, and a young African American boy who pushes his fathers wheel chair over to the window and says "see dad! I told you he's real!" To which his dad wipes his glasses and says "well what do you know, I guess you're right Tim."

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