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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

Well he'd be a minor villain but then end up joining the Avengers due to some latent psychic abilities Falcon has that end up going beyond birds to energetic beings.

In some ways it would be like combining Crimson Dynamo and Whiplash.
But here Wonderman's early aggression towards the Avengers is mixed with a little bit of Living Laser. And more of a minor threat that quickly becomes an ally. Cap can deflect energy attacks with the Shield.

So he'd basically be Living Laser while he's a villain, but then he would turn good to help the Avengers.

He'd still be sort of against the Avengers at first (taking on Cap, Shield, Falcon and Widow). But he would quickly become the ally that he is in the comics as he reverts back to a normal state.

So when he was Living Laser-like they'd know it was just the side effects of some of AIM/Zola's technology and the amount of energy estimated needed to transfer a consciousness... He'd remain a neutral sort of character and was an embezzler, sort of like Holloway's con-man character on lost. The other actor has a similar look.

With Baron Zemo funding it all but not really seen, possibly masked and staying behind the scenes.

So instead of Zemo rescuing this embezzler from prison, the Baron has been funding AIM (secretly Hydra) for a number of years. Simon was left in charge of one of their subsidiaries that went broke and in a desperate attempt he embezzled from his own company. Not knowing it was part of AIM's huge network of businesses previously trying to corner Stark Industries. And Zemo catches Simon Williams by extension embezzling from AIM.

Instead of sending him to prison, he sends him to Zola. Promises him super powers in exchange for his service and intends far worse, but this is what Williams gets.
When first unleashed he would mainly do his damage to AIM, because he's not quite himself in laser form.

They intended to trap him in the machine like they did to Modok/George Tetterington who helped guide Killian towards mandarin's form of Extremis. Cyborg-like beings would have already entered the story and part of the goal of Extremis was for AIM and Zola to make this technology widespread.
Mandarin's form of extremis and Killian breaking away from Tetterington and turning against him when he was scientist supreme is just one small part of Zemo's overall plan to resurrect Hydra.

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