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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

Zola has to at least be a cyborg if he's still alive and hasn't aged much...
Unless he's traveled time which is unlikely for him to do.

This also means that Sebastian Stan has not aged and his lack of aging has to be explained...
Winter Soldier has not gotten any older, so some explanation has to be given. He could have been frozen of course, but part of his story may have had him in active duty while Hydra/Aim was operating in Russia.

I'm circling it but I don't wanna say for sure.
Nick Fury and Black Widow may be more than meets the eye and the last of the attempts at the old form of super soldiers...

Extremis is sort of a new technological form of the super soldier program. The Extremis soldier program...

Like in the comics Mandarin/Killian's form of Extremis might actually be an updated attempt to create super soldiers... and in this case secretly part of Zola and Zemo's overall plans.

Meaning Williams has really been involved with the Masters, but he doesn't know them, or know them as such yet. Mandarin and possibly Radioactive man have shown up already, and end up linked to Zemo through AIM. Then we have Crossbones.
And a few other potential masters out there.

In the comics Enchantress frees Williams from prison after he's caught embezzling, but here I'd save enchantress for when they all get together with Loki.
And Skull of course. He did travel time if he returns in the present. Which wouldn't occur until around CA3 or Avengers 3.
If you want to look at it in terms of covering a lot of history over a few films this is like the proto-Masters of Evil team, with some of the earlier members. Why Cap will need a few allies. With Crossbones, Zola, and Zemo organizing things it would sort of be like a proto Masters of Evil movie already. Because Zola himself has been responsible for forming the Masters.

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