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Default Re: Best Superman Movie

7. Superman 4 - The Quest For Peace
6. Superman: Brainiac Attacks
5. Superman Returns (extended edition with all deleted scene included + the Return to Krypton scene)
4. All-Star Superman
3. Superman/Batman: Apokolips
2. Man Of Steel Trailers
1. 3 way tie, Superman: The Movie, Superman II & Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut.

Originally Posted by Ben Urich View Post
Definitely the original.
Superman II had better villains but too many things just didn't make sense.
  • The cellophane S-Shield
  • Zod and co. being able to point at objects and levitate them
  • Superman and the villains going invisible in the Fortress
  • Superman's line "We used to play this game at school." On Krypton? That blew up.

1. To this day........WTF IS THE POINT OF THAT THING!!
2. sorta made scene but un-needed
3. not going invisible, just moving really really fast
4. "I used to play this game at school.", he didn't say "WE", meaning he would play tricks on others in Smallville High.......dumb since he was strictly told to never use his powers like that.....

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