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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

Originally Posted by Compi716 View Post
This thread too, huh?

Bucky's lack of aging can very easily explained, just like it was in the comics: the Soviets (or most likely Hydra, in this film's case) keep him in suspended animation, taking him out only when he's needed for a mission.

Onto the topic of Simon Williams: he just doesn't fit. There's already so much going on, and the fact that the title of this film is The Winter Soldier pretty much tells us exactly the type of story they're telling (a story in which Wonder Man was 100% absent). If Holloway was up for something, it very well might've been the Crossbones role. If Zemo is in fact in the film, he'll most likely be played by a European actor. Remember, Marvel tends to be pretty incredible when it comes to casting, so there's no reason why they wouldn't get a great European actor who doesn't demand a high salary for Zemo.

True. I hinted at that with the whole Zola/could have been frozen thing.

But then it's two or three characters that are like that. Spent time suspended. At the very least Zola is probably not human anymore to have kept him alive/suspended and moved him into Russian hands. He's the only one who could have done it. Then that raises the question what Zola did all that time, if he was still alive. Could be the russian's kept him frozen too. But any way I slice it I'm pretty sure Zola will be used and we'll see those robot body plans in the easter egg put to good use.

When part of Bucky is mechanical and Zola is involved with bio-mechanics in addition to the mechanical side of things at times. Plus there may be a cyborg angle to what Mandarin does with Extremis.

But it's about the big picture if they want to use Vision and be as accurate as possible further down the line, and how few movies there really are to cover so much comic history over a relatively short period of time. Plus adapting things to film and needing more/powerful villains for expanding casts and bigger sequels.

Zemo would most likely be there and not Holloway. I agree some European actor.

But the other actor, Coster-Waldau, not Grillo. Looks pretty close to Holloway. And I'm saying they may not be looking for Zemo. They may be looking for an ex-con type like Holloway's character on lost who could have also been an embezzler from the Baron, before being forced to work with them.

Zola is with the Baron because he wants the money to be able to fund AIM/Hydra's expensive things, a lot of advanced ideas like looking into ways to bring Skull back. Although Zola may be the true mastermind. Red Skull almost became a living laser in the first movie when he shot up to the sky, and item 47/The Avengers shows some energy stays in things and leftover hyrda tech still had the cube's power.

Because Zemo might not be enough of a physical threat alone for the whole team coming in and the real villain threats after Winter Soldier turns good could be Crossbones and Simon Williams/Wonderman. Part of how they turn Bucky's mind back to normal would relate to how they change him from a living laser back to normal to aim him at aim & get him aboard the Avengers for Thanos very quickly.

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