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Default Re: Your favourite TDKR scenes that you watch over and over again...

My favourite scenes/moments in sequence of the film:

Selina serving nibbles, delivering the tray, "oops" and car ride with Congressman.
Bar shoot out.
Alfred visiting Bruce in the cave who is researching Selina.
Selina coming to Jen's resuce, telling a man to "get out".
Masquerade ball - Lambo theft hooning.
Bane kills two incompetent thugs as Gordon escapes.
Bruce goes to hospital and visits Gordon.
Bruce visits Fox in person.
Batman's return.
Catwoman watches TV and confronts Daggett.
Batman and Selina's Bat ride.
Selina at the airport and interviewed by Blake.
Bane kills Daggett.
Bruce visits Selina at her apartment.
Catwoman leading Batman to Bane - Bane flogging Batman.
Selina enters prison, grabs prisoner's arms.
Bruce climbs the pit.
Selina beats up punks, gives apple to boy and meets Bruce again.
Catwoman beats up guards to free Fox and Bruce.
"Light it up", saving Blake and using the Bat to blow open the entrance.
Batman gives Catwoman the batpod.
Catwoman blows open the tunnel.
Fight with Bane and "where is the trigger?!"
Catwoman kills Bane.
Batman in the air, Catwoman on the ground battle team-up.
Batman and Catwoman kiss.
Speech to Gordon and taking the bomb out over the ocean.
Statue revealed, Alfred crying at the gravesite, Fox realising and Gordon finding the repaired signal.
Alive and well in Italy.

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