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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 1

Originally Posted by Compi716 View Post
This thread too, huh?

Bucky's lack of aging can very easily explained, just like it was in the comics: the Soviets (or most likely Hydra, in this film's case) keep him in suspended animation, taking him out only when he's needed for a mission.

Onto the topic of Simon Williams: he just doesn't fit. There's already so much going on, and the fact that the title of this film is The Winter Soldier pretty much tells us exactly the type of story they're telling (a story in which Wonder Man was 100% absent). If Holloway was up for something, it very well might've been the Crossbones role. If Zemo is in fact in the film, he'll most likely be played by a European actor. Remember, Marvel tends to be pretty incredible when it comes to casting, so there's no reason why they wouldn't get a great European actor who doesn't demand a high salary for Zemo.
I wouldn't mind someone like Mads Mikklesen in the role of Zemo. He was meant to be in Thor: The Dark World anyway. I can't remember why he dropped out. Was it because of his Hannibal Lecter TV series or scheduling conflicts with another movie? He'd be good for a lot of villains including Dr Doom.

As for Wonder Man, I agree, he doesn't fit at all. If he's going to debut anywhere just as a cameo, Iron Man would be the place to do it. He had a grudge against Stark as a result of the company profits going down and then, on the advice of his brother Eric Williams (the Grim Reaper) embezzling company funds where he gets arrested.

However, didn't Joss Whedon say that he would like to include many other Avengers in future, but one he specifically didn't want to use is Wonder Man because he doesn't like him? So I don't see that Simon Williams will feature into any Marvel movies in the future in any way, as long as Whedon is at the helm. So there goes the end of that matter, and LokiDionysos's ramblings on the matter.

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