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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

Originally Posted by Artistsean View Post
Yeah, her costume does depend on the story and where it takes place and all that. For example, will she be part of Marvel's possible Espionage movies? Featuring SHIELD, Young Nick Fury, Black Widow and Hawkeye, and Spider-Woman? Or will she end up in the Avengers? Not being as familiar with her character I liked the idea of her being a covert spy and went with a more toned down ultimate styled uniform because I figured why would a spy dress like a superhero and flashy. Wouldn't she try to be under the radar?
But then it hit me, maybe she was trained by Hydra and made to look like a superhero like Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, in order for her to get accepted into the Avengers and get access to assassinate Nick Fury for Hydra. So maybe they would design her costume to look heroic and flashy for that reason.
I still like my idea, but I appreciate the kind way some have said they don't care for it.

Oh, and by surgically altered I meant powers implanted in her like Wolverine. I like the idea that not just with injections or radiation, but that they actually cut her open and put powers inside her like a sort of Frankenstein thing.
Sorry, don't like that idea at all. Her actual comic origin is much better where she's dying of radiation poisoning as a young girl in the early part of the 20th century, and her scientist father tries to save her life using the experimental serum infused with spider's blood. However, in order to assist with the recovery, she was placed in a genetic accelerator which had the effect of aging her more slowly but speeding up the experiment. She remained in that accelerator for decades and when she was finally healed (but subsequently gained powers that way), she was only a young woman but the world had moved on.

Then, while trying to adjust to the then modern world, (instead of SHIELD finding her like they found Cap in CA:TFA), Hydra found her and took advantage of her disorientation and isolation from society and brainwashed and manipulated her into being an operative and led her to believe she was evolved from an actual spider (which made her feel even more of an outside and cut off from humanity).

Her origin is what would have happened had Captain America been found by the enemy instead of SHIELD. It's not Hydra who give Jessica her powers. Instead they take what was meant for good and corrupt it and use it for their own ends. Even in the modern retelling of her origin by Bendis which does away with the genetic accelerator, it's still not Hydra who give Jessica her powers but still a case of corrupting what was good.

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