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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

Yeah, the movies are most likely going to try and keep stories, concepts and characters simple for the movie universe. Which might eliminate some fun ideas or characters.
Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
Her origin is what would have happened had Captain America been found by the enemy instead of SHIELD. It's not Hydra who give Jessica her powers. Instead they take what was meant for good and corrupt it and use it for their own ends. Even in the modern retelling of her origin by Bendis which does away with the genetic accelerator, it's still not Hydra who give Jessica her powers but still a case of corrupting what was good.
That would have made for a great parallel movie, but we are sort of getting that with Winter Soldier. He is like Cap (experimented on by Zola with his own Super Soldier Serum) and lost during WWII and found by the enemy (Communist Russia during WWII). So I think they wouldn't want to return to that concept for the movie, as interesting as that concept is.
Glad you like her old origin, but for me personally the origin reminds me of Beast Boy's.
As a child, Garfield contracts a rare illness called Sakutia by being bitten by a green monkey, but then is saved by his parents, who use an untested serum on him. This serum has the unintended effect of turning his skin and hair green and granting him the ability to metamorph into any animal of his choice.
And not my choice if I had to choose between the two origins.

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