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Default Re: OFFICIAL Guardians of Galaxy Casting Thread

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
Ryan Gosling as Star-Lord

Gemma Arterton as Gamora

Joe Manganiello as Drax

Armie Hammer as Adam Warlock/ Adam Magus

Currently reevaluating Groot, Rocket and Thanos...and if I want to go based on voice or based on actor, and the degree of Mocap/ prosthetics/ cgi.
I would Love to see Joe play drax, he's my fourth cousin!

Originally Posted by Lobo View Post
He was campaigning for Nova last I heard. He'd actually be a good fot there IMO.

My current cast would be something like this

Star Lord-James Marsden he was on the list and we've not heard anything one way or the other on him and no mention of him in DoFP as far as I know and he was my initial favorite.

Drax-Most fan casts have 1 of 4 choices here, The Rock, Joe M, Vin, or Momoa. I'd be fine with any of them but I want to go a little different here so how about Terry Crews?

Gamora-Jamie Chung or Alexandra Daddario

Adam Warlock/Magus-Alexander Skarsgaard

Rocket racoon-John "bender" Dimaggio

Groot-not picky

Phyla (should she ever appear)-Amanda Seyfried

Nova-Scott Porter

Thanos-prosthetics enhanced by cgi ala Hellboy not sure who but I'd put a "name" to add star power alothough whenever I read Thanos I always imagined a voice similar to Goliath from Gargoyles
Any word on Nova? I thought he was just rumored.

As for Thanos. I never pictured a monsterous voice, Goliath's is good. Just a bit more raspy, and a bit more like, intellectual

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