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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
The Iron Man 3 prequel comic already explained War Machine's absence from the first Avenger movie as an assignment against Ten Rings terrorists in Hong Kong. You can't conveniently have War Machine be "away on assignment" every time the Avengers get together to save the world.

War Machine is part of the comic-book Avengers, so he has every right to belong to the movie Avengers. In fact, it makes absolutely no sense that the Avengers *wouldn't* try to recruit him --- whenever they're trying to save the world from a supervillain that requires teamwork, they're going to need all the super firepower they can muster.
I guess I could have clarified a bit more. I agree that it would be silly to explain away his absence in every Avengers movie, that's why I wouldn't mind him showing up to help out. Also your right that it wouldn't make sense for the team to not try to recruit him, however in my opinion I don't think he's needed on the team in the MCU. They have Iron Man for the robot lookin' guy. Now with that being said, if they did put him into a permanent spot on the team, I certainly wouldn't be sore about that either, as I've always liked War Machine better than Iron Man anyways. Hell, I even dug when Rhodey was Iron Man, plus like you said, he IS an Avenger, after all. So I guess bottom line is I'm fine with it either way, but I do think he needs to at least show up in some capacity.

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