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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by LokiDionysos View Post
It already is more interwoven than we know. This is part of phase 2 amping it up and exploring connections between characters even further.

When Falcon joins the team he's pretty much there from the start of Cap 2. They aren't even bothering to integrate him overly much, cover him up as a new member, or give him the Blackwidow/Hawkeye treatment... He's a major part of the story following some very quick backstory. I'm not pulling random things out of my ass when I bring up how Zola may be connected to AIM, and how Simon Williams may be amalgamated with Living Laser in Winter Soldier, as the secondary threat. I didn't remember Williams was an embezzler, but because I knew they were planning on using the character I selected very specific parts of the comics to fill in the details.

All I'll say is the Mandarin has been there overshadowing the Iron Man series the entire time, which has been hinted at. Shane Black helped with some of the stuff in IM1 and IM2, so IM3 is more like coming full circle for Stark in some ways and that's why it's moreso about Mandarin AIM and how Mandarin's reach knows no bounds. "Tony is left to his own devices", his own devices save him a number of times, including Jarvis knowing just what to do to help Rhodey and Pepper when he's in the middle of the country.

You have to remember a lot of my info comes from conceptual stages...
Ways things could be approached before they were finalized...
I know some of the general plans to include certain characters, but I fill in the specifics on my own. Which means I could be way off on purpose sometimes, while still circling the characters they wish to use.

Crossbones is a huge clue that they're looking for villains who've worked with the masters in the comics who can become part of the Masters later. Also some of the threats they/Zemo set up like Wonderman before he joins.

So I'm filling in the specifics on my own and making things more complex than they might be and sometimes showing alternative routes from what's actually planned. In this way I stay out of trouble, it looks like I'm speculating because anyone can bring up those characters and kind of link it to certain comic/comic portrayals... So instead of saying I know Simon Williams will be in CA2 I come up with a scenario based on the comics that includes some of the same characters. I.e. Zemo and Zola have a hand in what happens to Williams, Winter Soldier is good by the end of the movie, and helping Falcon, CA, Widow, Fury, and Shield take on Zola, AIM, and Simon Williams. While Zemo stays in the background. They may not need an actor for Zemo or certain other characters just yet.

Even Egghead has been a past master. So we could be looking at either him or Radioactive man in the Ant Man movie along with the first version of Ultron... I'm just going to say they might be leaning towards one over the other and don't get your hopes up to see Radioactive Man anymore. That was the plan, but there are contingency plans.
I'm combining it all to make it confusing for a purpose.

However, many characters/storylines are being amalgamated by Marvel.
Not as many as what I've written, but there are elements of Armor wars being mixed into this Extremis story we have here. No mixed characters in this movie, like Whiplash-Dynamo. Although we may see some familiar looking suits like the Titanium Man suit.

In CA 2 Living Laser may be amalgamated with parts of Simon Williams early story. In that movie they're combining Winter Soldier with some of Shield vs. AIM, Zola's robot body, and Zemo's creation of Wonderman. In this movie only Jarvis would really end up finding a little out about the extent of AIM's goals and they'd still be seen as a legitimate business afterwards until CA2. IN CA2 we start to find out they're Hydra.

In Thor 2 it's a little more complicated. That can go very many different ways and I won't be sure until I find out more. But it's obviously the Twilight arc that's being referenced on one side.

That's why Feige said it may be tough to predict what's going to happen. Things aren't going to happen exactly like the comics. But they are going to be amalgamating things from the comics in new ways. Sometimes to cover as many character references, or traits of that character as possible. Sometimes making Whiplash more like Crimson Dynamo, and Simon Williams a little like Living Laser at first.
We're entering the phase where things will be coming out of the woodwork more, and things like Selvig knowing Pym have been planned well in advance. Sometimes with backup plans in mind, and things are changed not to reference Pym at all by name in the first Thor.
Sometimes Radioactive Man is planned to be used, but the first actor falls through and this actor isn't going to be Radioactive Man anymore.
Meaning Egghead will likely be the villain in Ant Man. Some of the character's roles are designed to be interchangeable. The parts about Radioactive Man/Eggman in Ant Man can be quickly reworked to fit the overall plans.
to be fair... 90% of avengers villains have been on the Masters team in one form or another be it comics or television

and i HIGHLY doubt living laser will be on film ever... it'd be like spidey taking on Boomerang or IronMan facing Blizzard...

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