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Default Re: Should the Avengers 2 be in 48 fps?

Originally Posted by OrgasmicPotatoe View Post
I think this is probably the least important thing to care for about a movie. The people who wonder about this are the same people who buys Blu-Ray.
No. I buy Blu-Ray because it offers the best quality home video on the market.

I'm opposed to 48 FPS because it's rubbish. Jackson spouts all this nonsense about us being being able to see up to 75fps - that's true, but that's the (very) upper limit.

Tests have shown that average a human being can see is 40fps, which means that 48fps is too fast for the average person - that's why is looks like everything is running slightly too fast. Reaction to 48fps has been overwhelmingly negative, so I don't expect many people beyond Jackson and Jim Cameron to embrace it.

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