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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

Yeah. Im all for the reboot as a set of films that focus more on Batman & his missions than Bruce Wayne, the man. I'm all for a return to Burtons Gotham (just not as stagey). I'm all for a different suit, possibly a modern take on Keatons batmobile, a more silent Batman and for villains like Freeze, Riddler and Penguin. I'm not tooo keen on them going all "3D" but i may have to live with that..

It's ALL GOOD! But the direction this trilogy took has to be my number 1 preference.

Let me put it this way (for the reboot). If they do an updated/modern & more comic accurate take on Burtons original Batman...then ill be a happy man. And i believe that's the way to go. But it wont beat this trilogy for me.

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