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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

That's the Foley in No Man's Land right?

A character's incompetence is not a flaw of the writing if that is part of the point of the character.
No, but bland, uninteresting, borderline silly writing and a portrayal of a character certainly is.

The police force had become bloated, complacent, cocky. Foley was there to give a face to that.
I can see how they could have become those things, but where in the film does it ever actually imply this, or pose this as an issue? The police force seemed fairly on top of things, especially given the 30 seconds it took them to track down the missing congressman once his phone was used.

We can take shots at the execution all day, but if you simply removed Foley from the film, it has a domino effect on themes that IMO would hurt more than it would help.
Yes, but I fail to see how stating the obvious about butchering an existing script means anything with regard to the quality of the character itself.

Batman could easily have been chased by Random Cop Number 1, any of Foley’s roles and plot point moments could have been filled by Random Cop Number Anything. He wasn’t a compelling enough character for his “choice” to really matter in the end. Remove him and the same themes would likely apply. The only theme relevant to Foley was the political angle, and any political angle introduced with Foley was quickly abandoned, as well as underexplored.

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