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Default Re: The Official 'Hulk in Avengers' thread. - Part 10

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
Have the public really accept Hulk individually as a force for good? Or is it that the Avengers as a team have been accepted as a force for good, and Hulk happens to be part of that team? I'm sure people would still tread very carefully around him and might not completely trust him. I'm sure also that not everyone accepts the Avengers and would welcome the heroes.
I think from the publics point of view Hulk is generally accepted as a hero. There were kids dressed up as heroes at the end of the movie during the newscast of the aftermath, including
Hulk. Anyone who saw Hulk divert that Laviathan from plowing into that office building surely knows hes a hero. And lets not forget, Hulk saved Harlem in TIH. Abomination was destroying everything in his path for like ten minuets before Hulk showed up to stop him. Alot of people were present to see that. Its because of Hulk that the legendary Apollo Theatre is still standing. True Harlemites know the deal. Hulks the man!!

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